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Our Mission

From print to digital, we’ve cornered the market on advertising for the Foodservice E&S Industry. CFI Marketing can craft a customized advertising campaign that clearly identifies your brand and sets your company apart from the competition.


Since 1981, CFI Marketing has been creating unique and successful advertising solutions for our clients. We attribute our longevity and success to setting the highest standards for customer service—responsiveness to your needs, attention to detail, and performance under deadlines.


Working closely with foodservice dealers, distributors and manufacturers, our team is familiar with the specialized products and services that are offered through the Foodservice E&S Industry. We have assembled one of the most comprehensive foodservice-related product databases found anywhere. This database, along with our 5-point proofing process, assures accuracy while providing product information that resonates with your target customer.


Catering solely to the Foodservice E&S Industry gives us the unique advantage of offering preferred service, personal attention, and a distinctive edge in advertising for every client we serve. Our full-service agency can handle everything from initial product selection and design to scheduling and distribution of all your advertising pieces.


Ready to start the conversation? For more information on our services contact Sheryl Trevino at 800-756-0433 or

Our Team

The perfect portait of creativity, genius and some very nice people.

Mindy Harwood


Natalie North

Executive Vice President

Sarah Scaggs

VP of Operations

Sheryl Trevino

Client Services / Sales Director

Jamie Bell

Creative Director

Mackenzie Lucas

IT Manager / Web Designer

Accounting Associate

Margaret Crum

Content Manager / Copywriter

Elicia Curry

Account Manager / Designer

Rade Stjepanovic

Illustrator / Designer

Charlotte Glaze


Kathy Johnson


Andrea Kuhns

Proofing Associate / Copywriter

Catie Lott

Account Manager / Designer

Paul McKibben

Account Manager / Designer

Rebecca Pantin


Diane Pimentel

Project Manager / Designer

Miranda Snipes

Vendor Relations Associate

Bridget Spruill

Data Entry Associate